Our Team

Sai Rama Krishna Malladi, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Ph.D & Post-doc from Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft, The Netherlands. Enthusiastic, always keen to learn and ready for a challenge.

Govind Ummethala

Ph.D. Researcher

Govind graduated with Master’s in Process & Energy Technology from TUDelft, Netherlands and B.Tech in Mechanical with Specialization in Energy Technology from Vellore Institute of Technology, India. His interest in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology brings him to the IIT Hyderabad, where he is working on the project titled “Liquid cells for in-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy: Challenges, Opportunities and Applications”

Jaydeep Saha

Ph.D. Researcher

Jaydeep obtained his Master's in Materials Science from NIT Trichy and prior to that he graduated with a Bachelor's in Metallurgical Engineering from Jadavpur University. He is currently working on the processing and mechanical behaviour of High Entropy Alloys with Tailored Microstructural Heterogeneities with Prof. Pinaki Prasad Bhattacharjee as Ph.D advisor and Sairam K Malladi as co-supervisor.

Bikash Tripathy

Ph.D. Researcher

Bikash completed his Master's degree in Materials Science and Engineering from IIT Gandhinagar in 2019. During his M.Tech, he worked on Corrosion of Aluminum Alloys under the guidance of Dr. Jyoti Mukhopadhyay. These were friction stir welded dissimilar aluminum alloys and he developed experimental setups on corrosion testing (as per ASTM guidelines). Prior to this, he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Production Engineering in 2016 from VSSUT, Burla, Odisha. Presently he is pursuing his Ph.D at IITH and working with Sairam K Malladi as his Ph.D advisor and Prof. Pinaki Prasad Bhattacharjee as a co-supervisor. His areas of interest include Corrosion and Electrochemistry, Phase diagrams, Phase Transformations, Electron microscopy and High Entropy Alloys.

Valava S R

Master's Student

Valava graduated with a Bachelor's in Metallurgical Engineering from PSG College of Technology and is currently pursuing his Master's in the area of corrosion and protection behavior of High Entropy Alloys studied through electron microscopy.

Ajai Raj L

Master's Student

Ajai graduated with a Bachelor's in Polymer Science and Engineering from Cochin University. He is currently working for his Master's thesis in the area of Graphene and 2D-layered materials based supercapacitors.

Saketh RLN

Bachelor's Student

Saketh is pursuing his B. Tech at IITH in the Department of Materials Ścience and Metallurgical Engineering. His research interests are Materials physics, Computational materials science, Electron microscopy, photonics. Currently he's working on characterization of plasmonic nanostructures under Transmission electron microscope

Siri Chandana A

Bachelor's Student

Siri is pursuing her B. Tech at IITH in the Department of Materials Ścience and Metallurgical Engineering. She's currently working on her Bachelor's honors dissertation in the area of graphene based liquid cells and supercapacitors.



Navneeth R

Currently pursuing Ph.D at ETS Montreal, Canada

Navneeth graduated with his Master's in June 2019 and submitted his dissertation titled "Corrosion behaviour of a nano-lamellar AlCoCrFeNi2.1 Eutectic High Entropy Alloy". He is currently pursuing his Ph.D at the group of Prof. Jahazi in ETS Montreal, Canada


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